The Ranks and Roles of Star Assault

At the moment this one’s pretty basic. Information will be added by request!

In ascending order of pay scale and training levels, Star Assault’s “tracks”** are:

Enlisted paratrooper
Retriever (note: Retriever pay is held in trust during term of service)
Quartermaster (note: a knight who becomes a Quartermaster is paid as a Sentinel)
Unknighted Officer/Squire
Knighted Officer up to Major
Sentinel and Commander (A captain with a sentinel or wing command position makes more than a major who lacks such roles)
Knighted Command (Colonel, Brigadier)
Holy Command (Imperial Guild, Haarnsvaar; while near the top of command for the Archon Military, the Haarnsvaar technically make less than enlisted paratroopers in terms of a personal stipend, but their room and board is covered for life in the Imperial Palace, and they are exempt from airline/starline fees if seats are available; they have eminent quartering privileges as well, although are rarely known to abuse said)

this is also a fairly accurate order for authority, although the power of any given Sentinel and Commander aboard a Kimetj vessel is dependent on location and situation based on his specific role.

Enlisted positions (paratroopers and technicians) follow a ranking system similar to that of the US Air Force. Specialized training is rarely sacrificed on Airmen. Exceptionally skilled or intelligent ones are usually pulled into knight training if they agree with the initiation process (note: a young man who is found particularly attractive by a knight may be initiated solely for this reason and such unfortunate souls are referred to by a plethora of grim and insulting nicknames). The best hope for an enlisted technician is to be good enough at his job and unoffensive enough to be placed into a position of Sentinelship; thus he makes a high pay rate while having largely bypassed the most dangerous jobs. Keep in mind, the “less” dangerous jobs may include standing near a fusion reactor*** or cleaning some part of a pulse cannon during active combat.

***When ships need protein feedings, it is the job of knights-in-training or retrievers to cut and sort the meat; technicians do not feed the ship.

The path of knighthood uses the following system of honorifics:
Astrum (Squire)
Solarum (Lieutenant; a Squire who has seen combat)
Novus (Captain, a true Knight)
Master Novus (Major)
Grand Novus (Colonel)
Haaje-Novum (Holy Knight, outside SA rank but not above SA respect)*
Novus Ultima/Haaje-Kalean (Brigadier General; extremely rare in contemporary usage; the Haarnsvaar Commander, if he was Haarkijietj, is also to be referred to as Haaja-Kalean or Ultima, however Brin was only ever a Marine and a Guildsman and is resentfully only ever referred to as “Commander Brin”)

*Haarnsvaar, the Queen’s personal guard, trained by the Imperial Guild, are considered the highest level of knights (Haaje-novum) but not all Haarnsvaar are obviously Star Assault alumni, and not all Haaje-novum are Haarnsvaar. Some convolutions of hierarchy have historically occurred when a non-SA man is the Supreme Commander; religiously speaking, Brin falls below the Brigadier and the Khia – highest degree combat priest – of Leviathan in relative respect/power. If the current Soul of Aur – invariably an active or former SA officer – is a Haarnsvaar he technically has more control over Star Assault than the Commander if the Queen’s not watching. Unfortunately, the Soul has not made himself publicly known in some time, and only high level members of Aur can identify him (via his bioluminescent tattoos).

Sentinel and Wing Command positions are awarded by seniority, skill, and merit; the jobs can be applied for but applicants will often sit for a long period unselected while acquiring the necessary experience to perform in that position. Arguably, the “easiest” Sentinel position to learn is that of the hive; an aptitude for paperwork, strong organizational skills, and a love of bugs are the primary requirements. Medical positions are usually the most complicated, requiring training in appropriate schools as well as field experience. Wing Command requires at least emergency medical training on top of a minimum rank of captain, a certain number of years as a pilot, and an equivalent of priesthood degree in any of the three main combative temples.

What is a Retriever and How Does One Get That Job? Retriever is a role that may be assigned at any time by the Major Prime, Disciplinary Sentinel, Colonel, Brigadier, or Haarnsvaar. Retrievers take a mandatory vow of isolation and silence and are trained and assigned to the task of removing sensitive or classified materials or persons from the aftermath of combat. They usually serve less than two years but often become “casualties of clearance” and the money held in trust is turned over to the will entity they selected at sentencing.

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