The Good News

It would appear we’ve found who we’re going to use as a publisher (more on that later) and we received a *lovely* blurb by an old cohort of ours from our game industry salad days for the back of the print book:

“From the opening pages, I was hooked. Ann Koi’s debut novel is vivid, baroque, and exciting with a combination of xenobiology and mysticism that evokes aspects of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Great, surprising stuff and worth a look.” — John Scott Tynes, co-creator of Delta Green and Unknown Armies

(I may have actually fainted, being compared to one of my biggest influences as a world designer, and by Tynes of all people.)

Now for the more confusing and/or more mixed news.

– There was a massive revision during the last spin through the forges here at the Ranch. While it does not precisely change the story of “Honor & Sacrifice”, it may strongly change the way two (maybe three) characters are perceived by readers. The decision largely stemmed from wanting to get somewhere quicker, but also to avoiding an ugly blindside when that bit of back story came to light in “Above the Sun” (book 2, tentative title) or supposing people actually read all the way through “Roots in Hell” (which was all online and I pulled realizing that that little back story bit was never directly stated in book one and it’s an express train to Spoiler Town)

– I have regained control of my hands through the amazing skills of neurological specialists, so I’m sculpting again. It’s a huge YAY! but it also means a) I’m broke from several doctor’s visits involving travel etc. and scraping the money back together to print H&S and b) I roped myself into a hyper-complicated art exhibit in order to help scrape that money together.

Progress, in some form or other, has occurred.

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