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The Good News

It would appear we’ve found who we’re going to use as a publisher (more on that later) and we received a *lovely* blurb by an old cohort of ours from our game industry salad days for the back of the

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Universal Atlas (free download)

Confused by all the place names Sol rattles off in his internal monologue or that get dropped in conversation? Fret no longer! With this convenient, spoiler-free document, you can conveniently reference the most commonly referred to (and some more obscure)

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American Independence – Enjoy it while it lasts

The second installment of the first book is available now. It consists of two chapters. #3, “Path of Monsters” makes up the bulk of it at a whopping 30 pages. Going from a non-combative unit of the Intergalactic Navy to

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Science fiction, single feature

While we’re all waiting on the illustrations for the first pay-chapters, I decided to make a short piece available for download for free. It occurs several years* prior to the beginning of the main body of Tribes of Heaven. The

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