Return of the Rain

Sorry for the lack of updates; Koi is working on a gallery show at the moment.

October will see us at the Zompire festival in Portland OR (first weekend, Clinton Street theater) and Mourning Market in Seattle (Oct 13). November, Koi will be reading at the Jade Lounge, Portland OR (unreleased material!) on November 5th, then will appear in the vendor hall at Orycon 35 (11/8-11/10, with Sigh Co/Arkham Bazaar). Print editions of “Honor & Sacrifice” will be available at the reading and at Orycon, but probably not before then (you can still order them – or the Kindle version – from

Relevant links:

Zompire, The Undead Film Festival
Mourning Market
Orycon 35
Tribes of Heaven, “Honor & Sacrifice” on Amazon

Check in for more announcements next week.

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