New work, next book, and another story elsewhere

It’s been a while. 2014 got a little too chaotic and troublesome and I ended up hiding out in Iceland at the start of 2015. Seemed like a fantastic opportunity to research relations between their native alfen and the kaffar.

I ruled that there’s more than natural beauty and a love of dairy products in common between Icelandic and Archon elves, but you’ll just have to wait to learn more.

The most important news is probably that book two will be split into two separate volumes, “Above the Sun” as originally planned, following Sol’s father, Shaan and other members of the group[s] to which he’s aligned, and “Out of the Trench”, following Sol and the group he selects to refine his training. To some extent, both books will tell the same tale from different perspectives: things come to a head between the Archon and Ilu empires as twisted power plays threaten both sides from within.

Unfortunately, the previously mentioned “troubles” that ended 2014 have led to a push back on the release date for both books. We will however have Tribes related artwork and more at Sakura Con and Cherry City Comic Con. [run by this page for more info]

On the sort of up side, I have a short, odd little story [“Low Hanging Fruit”] in this anthology by Gamin Publications. I can speak for the brilliance of many of the other authors, as I have done live readings with several, and guarantee the volume will be worth it.

Thanks for checking in. :)

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