Holiday note and Release Update

Happy Harbor Festival or whatever it is you non-Archons celebrate! Parthenos here with the less-regular-than-I’d-prefer regular update!

First off, I’d like to apologize for the delay on “Above the Sun”; Koi had to move (the workshop and office) across town in the middle of other major events and is only now getting back to projects. We all became “elves on the shelves”, as it were.

We’re pretty excited for the Roman New Year though as it will not only bring “Above the Sun” to press finally, but Koi and some other folks will be bringing “Honor and Sacrifice” to life as a podcast reading. I’m fine with Koi doing my voice, but Jady and Wyvern wanted some gent by the dubious name of “Tom Hiddleston” and got a firm “no”. Apparently Earthly financial institutions are still not accepting Universal Credits. Our bosses say “we cannot excuse an invasion of that two bit backwater meat bar just for the sake of your performance standards”. Don’t blame me; I’m just quoting. Wanna go to war with us? We only have two tiny invasion cruisers…

[Jady interjects the fact that those cruisers ONLY have six guns each! JUST SIX! You can TOTALLY TAKE US!]

Anyway, Koi wanted to share some holiday joy with everyone; it’s a bit old and it’s all guys from the 89th (boy does that need to change; I think the only comic appearances I’ve had I’m getting scrubbed for lice… heeeeeeeeeeeey…)

Holiday Special Comic Part 1

Holiday Special Comic Part 2

Peace for all … except the saurtzek! See you all in 2014!

[opinions expressed by Major P may not reflect opinions of other SA or Catalyst Studios staff]

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