From the frozen wastes of Ruahanu

Returned not too long ago from a reading at the lovely Jade Lounge in Portland OR (the reading series is known as “The Hour That Stretches”, check it out if you find yourself in the area on the first Tuesday of any given month). It is a freezing icy waste here in Olympia WA!

You can check out the story Koi read at Hour #8 here: Mortality (short story)

A quick note: This story is written from the points of view of two scouts of the Kourhonoi Holy Armed Forces. These are humans from a society that sees the kaffir and especially haki as degenerates. When “the slums” are brought up, they are referring to grim, often walled-off neighborhoods wherein kaffir dwell as second-class citizens. “Kav” is a word from the Ravasich language which refers to a destructive forest spirit; English speakers may equate it with “goblin”.

We apologize for the format but our pdf conversion remains kaput. Your helpful suggestions are not and we are not interested. THANK YOU!

*Parthenos would like everyone to know he thinks the title of this post is in poor taste.

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