Book one, aka, “Tribes of Heaven: Honor & Sacrifice”, is available via in both paperback or Kindle versions: Honor & Sacrifice, cover

Or you can grab a paperback from Koi at one of our in person appearances, if you’re quick on the draw.

Free supplemental material:

First Glimpse of Darkness – A capsule fiction in which a young, egalitarian Space Marine officer tries to prove himself against the wishes of his over-protective, politically powerful mother

Universal Atlas – A guide to the locations (space stations, star ships, planets, cities, etc) mentioned or visited in Tribes of Heaven, Blackout, First Glimpse of Darkness, and related fictional works by Ann S Koi

Encyclopedia Archonia – Handy guide to terminology, races, military units, political bodies, and non-English phrases in Koi’s fictional universe. This cyclopedia is also recommended for fans of Koi’s visual work as many of the contexts/creatures are shared between the written and painted “worlds”!

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