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Regarding the Archon Faiths

Religion in Imperial Archon culture belongs to elite societies who are expressly forbidden from preaching or active recruitment. Temple schools teach specialized martial arts in conjunction with their particular belief systems. These specialties are in high demand by the Imperial

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New work, next book, and another story elsewhere

It’s been a while. 2014 got a little too chaotic and troublesome and I ended up hiding out in Iceland at the start of 2015. Seemed like a fantastic opportunity to research relations between their native alfen and the kaffar.

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I’d like to say something really insightful or productive, or even give a firm print date for “Above the Sun”, but I keep scrapping cover art and well… uh… we’re off to the Strait tomorrow. See some of you there?

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Arthropod Power: A Joint Effort?

We here at the Archon Embassy, in particular the 7th Tribe Representatives, would like to declare our solidarity with John & Mary’s Insect Army To learn more and see why the Genadri and I may feel this is important, please

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From the frozen wastes of Ruahanu

Returned not too long ago from a reading at the lovely Jade Lounge in Portland OR (the reading series is known as “The Hour That Stretches”, check it out if you find yourself in the area on the first Tuesday

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The Ranks and Roles of Star Assault

At the moment this one’s pretty basic. Information will be added by request! In ascending order of pay scale and training levels, Star Assault’s “tracks”** are: Enlisted paratrooper Technician Retriever (note: Retriever pay is held in trust during term of

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Holiday note and Release Update

Happy Harbor Festival or whatever it is you non-Archons celebrate! Parthenos here with the less-regular-than-I’d-prefer regular update! First off, I’d like to apologize for the delay on “Above the Sun”; Koi had to move (the workshop and office) across town

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Return of the Rain

Sorry for the lack of updates; Koi is working on a gallery show at the moment. October will see us at the Zompire festival in Portland OR (first weekend, Clinton Street theater) and Mourning Market in Seattle (Oct 13). November,

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Necronomicon and on and on

Well, Providence, here we come. It took me two days, not counting the 12 ragey hours with Photoshop, to build this flier. My general inclination is to just say, “This is a book about angry space elves on drugs, with

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New Gallery Art!

For those unaware, we have a fan art section here on the Tribes website… someone finally sent something in specifically for it! YAY! And it’s our (literally?) star-crossed colonels, so don’t mind if I sit here and SQUEE for a

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