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Alphabetical guide to characters (with pronunciation)

This is not quite everyone from book 1 and 2 but I am getting there. Format: Family name, Given name [Pronunc] – any alternates here. Call sign. Division/unit. (rank and specialty if known). Symbiotic companion and/or special notes. Aphoisia [Ah-fo-ee-see-ah]

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Archon Ambassador: Good Will Tour

We just returned from Clallam Bay ComicCon, which was terribly fun (the Embassy’s driver has threatened a proper blog post on the topic; Ambassador Koi is notoriously awful about this sort of thing, but I have included a photograph of

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Archon Pronunciation Pocket Guide

For those who have asked or simply wondered. Double a – The non-marked “aa” that appears in place and personal names (Shaan, Ryzaa, Jaahyden, etc) is representative of a single character in Archon, (AYL or AYU). It has old Shandrian

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A Primer on Archon Religion

I. Pacifist Groups Attentive readers will note that Archon society is generally atheistic. This is a natural state for kaffir; they relate to nature closely and rarely feel a need to personify or deify anything. Proselytizing is illegal within the

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Paperback – update!

Honor & Sacrifice is now available directly through as a trade paperback! Tribes of Heaven vol. 1, “Honor & Sacrifice”

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Books and how to get them

Honor & Sacrifice, Book #1 of the Tribes of Heaven series is currently available: Print-on-demand trade paperback via Createspace: Kindle ebook: You should also be able to search for the paperback on in a week or so,

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The Paperback Is On The Way!

We have officially proofed the paperback version. It will be coming like Ropetrick in the middle of a firefight (that is to say soon, or may be “a lot”… wait…)

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Kindle book available!

Might have a few spelling or grammar scrumps because I gave up and loaded the last best version on my flash drive after Wyvern (my second computer) took the big nosedive. He completely wiped his drives on the way out…

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Publication News

Ran into trouble when formatting the book for Createspace; 310 pages turned into 501. I am slowly squeezing it down while trying not to squeeze any of the crucial story out. The book may end up costing me more to

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The Good News

It would appear we’ve found who we’re going to use as a publisher (more on that later) and we received a *lovely* blurb by an old cohort of ours from our game industry salad days for the back of the

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