Archon Pronunciation Pocket Guide

For those who have asked or simply wondered.

Double a – The non-marked “aa” that appears in place and personal names (Shaan, Ryzaa, Jaahyden, etc) is representative of a single character in Archon, (AYL or AYU). It has old Shandrian origins, so the proper, ancient pronunciation would be “aya” (ah-ya, or ah-yuh). In Sol’s time, the Ryzaan pronunciation is more common, so when it appears between consonants, it sounds more like a long a (a as in “tame”) and at the end of words, “ay-ah”. On the occasion [AYL] appears at the beginning of words, it is pronounced like a long i (i as in “time”) or hard y sound (y as in “yes”) [the character is consonant and vowel, so to torture my English speaking readers less, I change it to the appropriate equivalent at the beginnings of names].

Ergo: Sol’s father’s nickname is pronounced by the majority like “Shane”, but the technical pronunciation is closer to “Shahyan” or “Shayahn”. Jaahyden’s name is pronounced “Jay high den” by most, although Parthenos, Tyrnan, and a few others pronounce it from the back of the tongue, “Jha ayhid in” (yeah, and now you see why everyone just calls him Jady).

Note: The double a in Cha’atz is pronounced “ah-ah” with a clear, brief pause between the sounds. This is a Ryzaan dual vowel character, [ATET], which denotes earned respect and command.

Double e – Aurian in origins and rarely used in modern Archon, the “ee” in words like “Sanjeera” represents a vowel sound dragged between consonant characters, indicated in old Shandrian script by a punctuation mark. Earthly Arabic features similar vowel sounds whereas English lacks them in regular usage. Try rolling the e’s and you’ll come close to how Sheriden, Freyr, and Parthenos would say the name; if you can’t wrap your mouth around it, try: Sanj-yee-ra.

Double i – “ii”, as it appears in Sol’s name, is another old-tongue character, [YIR]. “Ee-year” or “ee-air” are quality approximations. At the end of words, it becomes “eh-yi” or “eye-ee”.

G – The “g” in “genadri” is a hard g; g as in “guy” or “game”. “G” in general, when it appears in Archon words, is a hard sound; “j” sounds are represented with a “j”.

How the Hell do you actually pronounce the full name of the Ilu Empire?. Ilv’xukzuiy?
For the record, this word is Saurtaf and not Archon at all. But if you must know: *from the back of the throat*, not from the front of the tongue –
“Ilf-shook-zhu-ye-eye” … now speed it up a bit… keep practicing. Then remember the Ilu and Khemiir have extra throat muscles you don’t and you’re still doing it incorrectly.
Apologies in advance if it makes you spit or your tonsils feel weird. :P

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