Alphabetical guide to characters (with pronunciation)

This is not quite everyone from book 1 and 2 but I am getting there.

Format: Family name, Given name [Pronunc] – any alternates here. Call sign. Division/unit. (rank and specialty if known). Symbiotic companion and/or special notes.

Aphoisia [Ah-fo-ee-see-ah] Previous queen of the Archon Empire. Was a civilian fire fighter prior to involving herself in politics; highly active on civil issues and negotiations with the Ilu. Dug the Empire a debt hole and theoretically got Archos into the first Mior War, but was popular anyway.

Aukaldir Grithalan [Oh-call-deer Greet-ahl-an]. Call sign: “Holiday”. 17th Star Assault (Lieutenant). Bug: Linda.

Bacharanzin Jhaedreni. [Bah-ka-rahn-zin Jhay’dreh-nee; the ‘ indicates a slight pause]; Goes by “Bachi” (Bah-key). Call sign: “Wildfire”. 17th Star Assault (Astrum Genova to Parthenos, former D-7 combat pilot). Bug: Rocket.

Baylenja Saullan. [By-len-juh Sau-lahn]. Call sign “Toughluck”. 89th Star Assault. Bug: Ashley.

Brinsanjin Sangriel [Brin-sahn-jeen San-gree-el]. Commander of the Haarnsvaar. Former ICSM.

Chelmauritzen “Cheldyne” Yndel [Chel-more-its-zen In-dell, Chel-dine]. Call sign “Serum”. 17th Star Assault (Hive Sentinel). Bug: Curly.

Draumietj Lucien [Draw-mee-etch or Drow-mee-edge Loo-see-en]. Call sign: “Blackout”. 89th Star Assault (Graft surgeon). Bug: Muranda.

Dromarka Athaaresh [Dro-mar-kuh Ah-they-ar-esh] Note: his family name is old Shandrian, “Dro’mr’kaal” [Da-ro’ah-mrr-kay-all, with the “mrr” being the noise Gen make] this spells out awkwardly in Ryzaan characters and ends up being pronounced “Drool-more-kale” on a sight reading so he Ryzaanized it for his sanity. He usually goes by the nickname “Ash” among his friends. Call sign: “Flashpoint”. 17th Star Assault (Arms Sentinel; former Paratroop captain. Transferred to the 23rd to avoid Parthenos, transferred back in time for the Tohdo Gate Incident). Bug: None.

Enkashen Liekke [En-ka-shen Lee-eh-key], goes by “Enki” (en-key). Call sign “Wisp”. 23rd Star Assault (Captain; Scout, retraining as medic). Bug: Fiendskin.

Eskasian Ythaarin [Eh-skah-zi-en Eeth-yair-in] Arin to his friends; Skasi to his students. Call sign: “Nutloose”. 17th Star Assault, Port/Aux Wing Commander; Air Defense trainer (fire combat specialty; he is a former assault unit flame thrower and a Mior vet). Bug: Malachite.

Eumelje [You-mell-jee] Call sign: “Shard”. Fangs (General; Top level bioarmor operator).

Ferrox Yamiro [Fair-rox Yah-mir-oh]. Call sign “Heartbreaker”. 89th Star Assault (Colonel; CO of the ISC Esimar; double black due to multiple charges of murder and cannibalism). Bug: Harmony. Additional bonded pet: A terrapod that responds to “Pogo”. Note: “Ferrox Yamiro” is not his birth name, which vanished with his trial and supposed ‘execution’. He was a popular Marine captain and a candidate for Haarnsvaar Commander prior to his bizarre crime spree.

Gavrin Tjimas [Gahv-reen Tjee-mahs]. Call sign: “Tempest”. 89th Star Assault (Hive Sentinel of the Esimar; double black for smuggling and piracy of civilian vessels). Bug: Ruby, a red Omyoi 3 who has been the Hive Alpha of the Esimar a very long time; Gavrin is her second bond.

Gronney [Grahn-nee] Call sign: “Sharps”. 17th Star Assault (pharmacist, field research). Transferred from IGN for the pay raise. Dubious fit for the team. No bug due to attitude issues.

Hanajiel [Hah-nah-jee-el] Call sign “Spearhead”.

Honsad Celita [Hahn-sad Sell-eet-ah] Ministry of Propaganda translator, Theocratic States of Kourhos.

Honsad Vittair [Hahn-sad Vit-tay-er] Ministry of Defense representative, Theocratic States of Kourhos.

Iekierpin [Ee-eh-key-ear-pin] Goes by “Eek”. Call sign, “Windsheer”. 17th Star Assault (D-7 combat pilot).

Ilzyatar [Eel-zee-yah-tar] 89th Star Assault (Wing Commander). Call sign: “Shortdeck”. Known for having an off-duty drug abuse problem, excessive even by standards of SA, but does not use most of his flight drugs on the job and is considered by most terminally insane. Bug: Chasme, a hyperdrone who enjoys comic books and routinely removes Ilzyatar from dangerous, usually self-created, situations.

Imhaar [Im-hay-air] Former commander of the Haarnsvaar. Believed to have committed suicide when Marsura took the throne.

Izzaryu [Iz-zah-ry-oo]. Call sign … ? Ilu renegade. Wanted in multiple systems, by Archos and the Ilu.

Jaahyden Illoquar [Jay-ahi-den Eel-lo-quarr; “Jady” is fine]. Call sign “Trauma”. 17th Star Assault (Port Wing Commander; talents unknown). Bug: Tracers [“Tracy”].

Jiinisar Saraxi [Jeen-ah-sahr Sa-rag-shee] Call sign “Solid”. 89th Star Assault (Captain, Quartermaster/Commissary Sentinel). Bug: Datura. Considered a living detail catalog aboard the Esimaar as he has served aboard longer than the current colonel. Jiin performed as lead muscle in an organized drug operation in the colonies for nearly 20 years, but a power struggle cost him the boss he liked and lacking desire to take control, he turned himself in directly to the Haarnsvaar to avoid further trouble.

Johnesqua [Joh-nes-ka] 55th Armored (General). High priestess of one branch of the Order of Maalek. An overt materialist with a bad reputation even among Sun adherents but particularly among Order of Leviathan members.

Kiertus Sheriden [Key-air-tus Share-ih-den] note: family name at birth ‘Curtis’, difficult to spell in Archon characters. Call sign “Gunsmoke”. 17th Star Assault (Colonel, CO of the ISC Sanjeera; weapons specialist). Bug: Nova.

Kvatchkiir Meshaan [K’vatch-keyer Me-shy-an]. Prefers “Shaan”. Call sign: “Ropetrick”. 89th Star Assault (Arms Sentinel, former H-Division Operative for Rim Patrol). Bug: Faith.

Laathas Eshonji [Layth-es Esh-ohn-jee] Call sign: “Bonesaw”. 17th Star Assault (Chief Surgeon). Bug: Minerva.

Ledrido Telykki [Led-ree-doh Teh-lee-key] – goes by “Ledo”. Call sign: “Rattle”. 89th Star Assault. Bug: Trigger. Kourhonoi Haki, a member of the anti-Theocratic revolutionary (“kaffir liberation”) organization “Gold Moon”. Arrested somewhat reluctantly by Operative Kvatchkiir.

Liesh’leyen Vahaily [Lee-esh (pause) leh-yen Vah-hy-lee]; goes by “Liesh” [Leesh]. Call sign: “Wrasse”. 89th Star Assault (Captain; External operative, Guild courier). Bug: None.

Marsura [Mar-soo-rah]. Current queen of the Archon Empire. Former IGN who used exemptions not to fight in the first Mior War, then apparently caused two more.

Myentrios Hyrshaanziir [Me-yen-tree-ahs Here-shy-ahn-zeer] Call sign: ?? Infamous Ruhn member of 23rd Star Assault. Apparently deceased.

Myshkor Syvashikki [Meesh-kore See-vah-shee-key]. Call sign “Bonespur”. 17th Star Assault (Captain; ??). Bug: Lianna.

Nabaragi [Nah-bah-rah-gee]. Call sign: ?? 23rd Star Assault (Sentinel; Chief Security at Orminos Station).

Okallin Teshkanzin [Oh-kahl-lin Tesh-kan-zin]. Call sign “Whisper”. 23rd Star Assault (Major, Base Sentinel of Avenaur; former Brigadier General of Star Assault and XO of the ISC Ishulya). Bug: unmentioned.

Onzillora [On-zeel-loh-rah]. Call sign: “Glimmer”. 23rd Star Assault (Regimental Quartermaster at Orminos Station). Bug: Bacon.

Parthenos Aurgaia [Parth-en-ohs Or-guy-uh]. Call sign “Checkmate”. 17th Star Assault (Major, XO of the ISC Sanjeera; acute target elimination; Tetrarch of Leviathan). Bug: Joyelle (deceased).

Pherrinai [Fair-ih-nye]. Call sign ?. 17th Star Assault (Lieutenant). Bug: ??

Ratyaniel Iakshetsin [Rah-tee-yahn-yel Ee-ahk-shet-seen]; goes by “Ratya” [Raht-cha]. Call sign: “Sunshine”. 98th Star Assault (Stripped captain, now Lt, but is a Novum Genadri; double black, convicted murderer). Bug: Lucretia, deceased.

Rygiel [Rye-gee-yell] A prince of the Ilu, in direct line for the throne.

Salda [Sal-dah] Call sign: ?? 23rd Star Assault (Former wing commander of the Ishulya, now chief tech sentinel of the Avenaur Air Base).

Samsvargyr [Sahms-var-gear] Fangs (Captain; internal dispute resolution/legal dept; Eumelje’s chief admin and right-hand man)

Schenjaar Tuonandrir [The first consonant sound is pronounced from the front of the mouth, using the fangs; try “Shjen” or “Schen”, apologize for being human, and accept “Shen-jay-ar Too-own-ahn-dreer“]; Tuoni [Too-owe-nee] is his nickname. Call sign: ?? 23rd Star Assault (Master Sergeant; Disciplinary Officer, Avenaur Air Base). Bug: ??

Sheavelle [Shey-ah-vell or veel] A tanker in Captain Tauverius’s “resolution” unit.

Solvreyil Niarri [Solv-ray-ell Nee-ahr-ree] Call sign “Torchsong”. Served in various units and crews; now retired? Mother of two.

Solvreyil Yenraziir [Solv-ray-ell Yen-ra-zee-yer, but even Archons screw this, so everyone calls him “Sol”]. Call sign “Echo”. 17th Star Assault (Astrum Genova, specialty undecided; double black due to High Tension Syndrome). Bug: Ozlietsin or “Ozzie”

Sterzinchy Sylryr [Ster-zin-chee Seal-rear]; Sterz or Sterzin to everyone. Call sign “Thunder”. 89th Star Assault (Captain; disciplinary officer for the Esimar). Bug: Alga (short for Algadya, the name of the heroic princess in the romantic fiction novel series he loves)

Syavrasky Kahner [See-ah-vraz-key Con-ner]. Call sign “Hotshot”. 23rd Star Assault, Sentinel/Quartermaster at Pachar (transfers to 17th to be Arms Sentinel). Bug: None at time of joining 17th.

Tauverius Ulkhorii [Tau-vair-ee-us Ool-khor-yee] Call sign: “Acolyte”. Fangs (Captain). Note: Third son of a famous, wealthy Shandrian land owner.

Thielassian Zhemier [Thee-eh-lass-ee-en Jhe-mee-air; “Zhemier” also bears the acceptable pronunciation of “Shem-hire”]; goes by “Thiel” (Teal or Theel). Call sign: “Wraith”. Officer of the Harnsvaar in command of covert units. Bug: Has a hyperdrone whose name is unknown in book 1.

Toshogar [Toh-shoh-gar] or “Toshi” [Tow-she]. Call sign: “Songbird”. 17th Star Assault (Communications; training as paratrooper due to shortage).

Trazaal [Trah-zay-all] Call sign: “Gargoyle”. 17th Star Assault (Sergeant). Bug: Poppy.

Tyrnan Avenkiir [Tear-nahn Ah-ven-key-ear] Goes by Ven or Tyr usually. Call sign: “Glacier”. 89th Star Assault (Captain, pilot; formerly of the 17th). Bug: Hope.

Tzanshidi [tsan-shee-dee]. Call sign: ?? 23rd Star Assault (Major; 2nd in command of Avenaur Air Base, Hive Sentinel) Bug: Cassie, short for “Cassiopeia”

Ulissarian Mavaraki [Oo-lis-sair-ee-en Mah-vah-rah-key]. Call sign: “Stormcrow”. 89th Star Assault (Major Prime of ISC Esimar; former prisoner of war of the Ilu; expert on Ilu language and tactics). Bug: Ruth (Ruthless Red-knees); twin sister of Ruby, Gavrin’s bug.

Valdieren Karshimziel [Val-dee-ir-en Kar-shim-zee-el]. Prefers “Val”, even from subordinates. Call sign “Bootstrap”. 17th Star Assault (Captain, trainer). Bug: Squeak.

Vanden [Van-den]. Call sign: 214; becomes “Lunchbox”. 17th Star Assault (recently recruited airman). No bug yet.

Wyvern [Why-vern]; actual name unknown. Call sign “Wyvern”. 17th Star Assault (Starboard Wing Commander; ma’at shi specialist??). Has recurrent symbiote issues.

Ymavye Lillinar [Ee-mah-vyeh Lih-lih-nahr]. Call sign “Sideshow”. 89th Star Assault, formerly 17th. (Lieutenant, currently, see “Above the Sun” for the story of his fall) Bug: Mae.

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