“Tribes of Heaven” is a fiction series by Ann S. Koi detailing the adventures of Sol, an elite trooper of the Archon Empire’s most feared invasion unit.


Tribes of Heaven, it’s characters, worlds, species, technology, etc are copyright (c.) Ann S Koi & Catalyst Studios, 2011.

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3 comments on “About
  1. Michael West says:


    Amazing…I am so intrigued. I am interested in Galactic adventures/stories…Archon empire…wow!


  2. amx says:

    the other x decided to start playing ffxii tonight, and while watching the 20 minutes of intro all i could think was, “i would like to see the archon empire have it’s own game in my lifetime.” because seriously, a ToH rpg franchise would be so awesome… i might actually play it (as opposed to only watching the other x play, as i am prone to do).

    thank you for enriching my reality with theirs!

    • admin says:

      You’re welcome, and I’d love it if there was a Tribes game (or several, since you could have a straight-forward SF RPG based on the general story line, an intergalactic combat strategy game, a gen training/racing/fighting game, and/or “who takes Sol’s virginity” romance sim, LOL)


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