The tree from which they fall

What sort of a person does it take to wrangle the likes of Kiertus, Ferrox, and Okallin and boss them around?

This kind.

You'll do as I say, because I own you.

Master Thiel requisitions the booze

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2 comments on “The tree from which they fall
  1. amx says:

    Just as I envisioned him. Thank you for sharing!
    Side note: the old guys sure are attractive ^_^

  2. admin says:

    “Side note: the old guys sure are attractive”

    There’s a few layers of sense to that. The most obvious is the physical benefit of staging younger (Parthenos, Jaahyden, Myentrios, and Thiel are all examples of men who were relatively young when their stages began; Chel was notably older). Consider the number of years at least three of those gentlemen (Jady really isn’t very old!) have had to refine themselves both athletically and in terms of how they project their aura.

    More attractive and charismatic men of particular talent and power in the Archon military are, for various reasons, more likely to be accepted to the Imperial Guild and therefore ultimately more likely to become Haarnsvaar. Since one of the (traditional) functions of the Haarnsvaar is to serve as intimate consorts to the Queen, it stands to reason that the prettiest ones tend to receive the highest level of treatment.

    It goes without saying, no doubt, but the prettiest old elves are probably also the most dangerous.

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