Chapters 5-7

Going to attempt to let the only bug who understands this language write the intro. Let’s see how she does…

Oh hai. Thiz r Nova. I r tri tyep Englishes. U reads this book! Iz good, bout mai frienz. An some alvs! In diz books, lil redfluff boi learns bout relijjuns from stinky alf and hairy alf; stinky alf an lonely alf eats somefin gros; alf who think she gen haff no bewbs… i tink she clickin carapaces wif stinky alf or hairy alf… das moar grosser. MOS IMPORTANZ! Mai bes frien alf looks nais in things an flies mai hous aroun. Maybay he blow stuff up nex chapper, he good at thats! BOOM!

Huh. OK. Well. That said, here are chapters 5 (“Major Issues”), 6 (“The Space Between Stars”), and 7 (“That Kind of Archon”). No comment on what Nova said.

As always: These are for PDF formats with enclosed jpg(s). I usually .zip them; if you would prefer no compression or a different compression please let me know when you purchase. If you would like to pay via a method other than Paypal please contact me privately; I am afraid I cannot take checks from people I do not know, and would vastly prefer you use a credit card through Paypal. Note that you no longer need a PP account to use PP.


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